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Volume 67, Issue 1


Network Neutrality and Quality of Service

What a Nondiscrimination Rule Should Look Like
by  Barbara van Schewick

Over the past ten years, the debate over “network neutrality” has remained one of the central debates in Internet policy. Governments all over the world have been investigating whether legislative or regulatory action is needed to limit the ability of providers of Internet access service to interfere with the applications, content, and services on their…


Postmarital Family Law

A Legal Structure for Nonmarital Families
by  Clare Huntington

Family law is based on marriage, but family life increasingly is not. The American family is undergoing a seismic shift, with marriage rates steadily declining and more than four in ten children now born to unmarried parents. Children of unmarried parents fall far behind children of married parents on a variety of metrics, contributing to…


National Security Leaks and Constitutional Duty

by  Alexander J. Kasner

Edward Snowden’s disclosure of national security information is the newest chapter in the United States’ long and complicated history with government leaks. Such disclosures can help to root out illegal and unconstitutional behavior that might otherwise evade scrutiny. And yet, unlike the press, government leakers are often assumed to have no claim to constitutional protections.…