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Volume 76, Issue 3


Private Equity and the Corporatization of Health Care

by  Erin C. Fuse Brown & Mark A. Hall

Private equity has rapidly enlarged its presence in the health care sector, expanding its investment targets from hospitals and nursing facilities to physician practices. The incursion of private equity is the latest manifestation of a long trend toward the corporatization and financialization of medicine. Private equity pools investments from large private investors to buy controlling…


Disrupting Utility Law for Water Justice

by  Sharmila L. Murthy

Water is essential for survival, yet this critical resource is increasingly unaffordable for many Americans. Utilities have raised water rates to maintain degraded infrastructure and comply with environmental standards. As water rates rise faster than inflation, low-income households are forced to make difficult trade-offs involving social, economic, and health ramifications. Utility-level customer assistance programs only…


Tribal Trademark Law

by  Anthony Hernandez

Native American tribes are increasingly creating their own intellectual and cultural property statutes. Of all the new legislation, tribal trademark law in particular is an engaging yet understudied area. By studying tribal trademark law, it becomes possible to evaluate the nature and scope of tribal sovereignty. And studying tribal trademark law provides an opportunity to…