Federalism in an Age of Polarization

February 9-10, 2018

Spotlight Panels include:

Litigating Federalism: A Conversation with State Solicitors General

Cities Who Sue: Municipal Rights and Federalism

Can Federalism Still Be Cooperative?: Bridging the Federal-State Divide

Perspectives on Polarization: Assessing this Legal Moment

Participants include:

Prof. Yishai Blank

Prof. Richard Briffault

Prof. Julia Bulman-Pozen

Prof. Michael Greve

Prof. Nicole Huberfeld

Jacob H. Huebert

Solicitor General Scott Keller

Solicitor General Aaron Lindstrom

Prof. Jonathan Mitchell

Solicitor General Noah Purcell

Prof. Issi Rosen-Zvi

Solicitor General Barbara Underwood

Diego Zambrano

For more information contact Symposium Editor Chuck Roberts (cetr@stanford.edu).

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