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Misconceptions About Lehman Brothers’ Bankruptcy and the Role Derivatives Played

by  Kimberly Summe  

On November 4, 2011, Lehman Brothers’ creditors voted on Lehman Brothers’ liquidation plan, with approval from the bankruptcy court to follow on December 6, 2011. In the three years since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers, which was the largest bankruptcy filing in U.S. history, Congress enacted the Dodd-Frank Act to prevent the failure of another…




Constitutions as Peace Treaties

A Cautionary Tale for the Arab Spring
by  Allen S. Weiner  

The December 2010 self-immolation of 26-year-old Tunisian Mohamed Bouazizi, a desperate response to the debilitating lack of economic opportunities for Tunisia’s youth and the pervasive sense of humiliation engendered by the state’s corrupt and degrading treatment of its citizens, tapped into deep popular frustration in Tunisia and throughout the Middle East. It sparked a series…




California’s De Facto Sentencing Commissions

by  Robert Weisberg  

The concept of a sentencing commission as a mechanism for governance of a jurisdiction’s criminal justice system has achieved great prominence in recent years and been the subject of much important commentary. In light of California’s recent passage of A.B. 109, legislation that drastically overhauls the state’s sentencing and correctional systems, now is an ideal…



Introducing the Stanford Law Review Online

by  Jonathan Abel & James Freedman  

In 1948, Warren Christopher began the inaugural issue of the Stanford Law Review with a note establishing the purpose of the journal. He set out the twin goals that have guided us ever since: the Law Review would seek to provide a valuable publication platform to lawyers and scholars, and an incomparable educational experience to…